What drives our belief in possibility…

Breaking the four-minute mile barrier was one of many signs that the impossible is possible.

Widely held four-minute mile equivalents suggesting “it can’t be done” inhibit organizations from believing that they are able to “do the impossible”. Whether it be trying something unconventional and putting yourself on the line or advocating for an unpopular yet necessary change, isn’t it worth the effort to see if the impossible is indeed a possibility?

Jamie Sabbach – Founder & President

When I started 110% in 2010 I simply wanted to help those in public parks and recreation get through a difficult time when both the economy and society were dramatically shifting. I wanted to help agencies become more efficient with limited resources and more effective in service development and delivery efforts. My bottom line - to position organizations to be stronger and more resilient moving forward. That was the original vision.

With unprecedented growth and customers from not only public parks and recreation but from the non-profit and private sectors, I have watched our client base grow and hear from customers that what we are doing is working. The vision has come into focus.