Cost Recovery & Spending Philosophy


The Heavy Stuff

This is the scary overwhelming stuff so many don’t want to talk about. The stakes are high, the issues are heavy, and the topic is anything but exciting.

There are precious few who look forward to delving into cost recovery who have not been labeled the nerd in the room.

Making a plan

We pride ourselves on having the experience and insights to make the topics of cost recovery and financial management less painful, easy to understand and actually a bit of fun.

What We Can Do For You

Take a look at some of the options we have to offer to help you begin to get your financial house in order.

Option 1: Fiscal Fitness Test

How about simply figuring out your organization’s fiscal health by doing a fiscal fitness test? You'll learn the true cost of doing business for your organization including all direct and indirect costs and current cost recovery performance levels. This no mess, no fuss approach is quick, easy and will save you and your agency a boat load of cash as we can do it faster that you can!

Option 2: Fiscal Fitness Test + Cost Recovery Strategy

Option 2 includes Option 1 plus an effective Cost Recovery Model and Policy designed specifically for your organization. And, you‘ll also get pricing strategies for each and every service you provide!

Option 3: Fiscal Fitness Test + Cost Recovery Strategy + An Analysis of Services

Finally, Option 3 is the whole enchilada! You get all that the Options 1 & 2 have to offer, plus, we will conduct a comprehensive services analysis that includes a close look at target markets and the competition. This allows you to make informed and strategic decisions moving forward specific to investment, collaboration, or divestment.