Education & Training

According to Plato, to be educated is to be emancipated—not only individually, intellectually, and philosophically, but also socially, politically, and ethically. There is nothing that can replace the gift of learning...

Each year thousands of professionals benefit from educational opportunities offered by 110%. Programs are offered for agencies, and for state, regional, national or international schools and conferences.

Featured Training Topics & Keynote Presentations
  • Is Your But Too Big – overcoming the need to make excuses
  • Having Courageous Conversations - asking the hard questions
  • In Conflict with Dakota Indian Tribal Wisdom - when you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount
  • Influencing & Making Things Happen – going from all talk to action
  • Run! They’re Talking About Cost Recovery Again! – making sense of the cost recovery conversation
  • Standing the Heat – boldly challenging us to exhibit real leadership during precarious times
  • Willful Ignorance – understanding the consequences of choosing to do nothing