Our Team

We are a Dream Team of passionate and committed folks with vast experiences in the private, non profit and public sectors. With a combined 360 years of professional experience, we have worked in Fortune 500 companies, for government in high profile roles and positions, in higher education, and crossed the globe teaching and training employees on a variety of topics and relevant issues.

  • Jamie Sabbach

    A Chicago native with a major crush on the Cubs! A provocative button pusher who likes to help. Has a soft spot for dogs and pizza. A colleague once described Jamie as “values-driven and full of grit”.

    After almost 30 years in the work world, understands that the only things that matter are relationships, giving it your all, and making a difference.

    Lives in the mountains of Colorado. Loves being outdoors, volunteering, and making things. Dislikes bureaucracy and those who don’t try.

    Exceeding expectations, figuring out the answers to life’s mysteries, and preparing for what’s around the next bend are among the things that drive Jamie.

    Expertise lies in adaptive leadership, helping organizations look in the mirror, and challenging people to think differently.

  • Sara Hensley

    Born and raised in Arkansas and a graduate of the University of Arkansas,
    a tried and true Razorback.

    A realist, believes that if you are waiting for something to happen, life
    and opportunities will pass you by. This way of thinking leads to being
    proactive in everything.

    Outside of work, dedicates her time to Conner and Jackson, her 12 year
    twins and the loves of her life.

    Favorite quote: “ Dig the well before you are thirsty”, Chinese Proverb

    As the Interim Assistant City Manager for the City of Austin. Texas,
    expertise lies in organizational design, effectiveness, and strategy.

  • Wendell Pryor

    An economic development and social equity expert, college professor, and humanitarian.

    Highly respected and recognized at the national level for his decades of work and service in civil rights and personnel management at the local and state levels.

    Enjoys being with family, the great outdoors, and engaging in community wherever it has been that he has worked and lived.

    Holds a law degree, a keen sense of how people tick and gets what it is that generates human energy and momentum towards a cause.

    Appreciates those who have a strong will, those with an interest in action, and those who work hard to help others thrive.

  • Jayne Miller

    Grew up in a family of 11 in the largest park in the contiguous
    United States that contains six million acres, the Adirondacks.

    As an adult, lived in eight states while going to school and
    expanding her career until she settled down in Ann Arbor to raise
    twins who are now amazing young adults.

    Loves the wisdom she has gained over the years and thinks that
    she can do all she did when she was 18.

    Also loves to push the envelope to make things better and believes
    almost anything is possible. Best of all, she’s a Gemini.

    As the Superintendent of the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board,
    expertise is helping to shape a vision for an organization, bringing that
    vision to reality, and strategically leading an organization to make great
    things happen.

  • Matt Hickey

    Whether rebuilding a vintage motorcycle, knowing how to fly a
    floatplane or learning how to create new software, it is curiosity that
    drives him.

    Embraces being the biggest nerd in the room. Always the student,
    sometimes the teacher, likes to listen to see what is really being said.
    When not in the room, look for him on the trail, on the hill, or on the

    Expertise lies in data…collecting, creating, analyzing data. Anything
    that includes data has and holds undivided attention!

  • Lisa Paradis

    Born in Boston and in love with progress.

    Self-described as the puppy in the room who thrives on
    embracing challenges and connecting the dots to achieve
    unimagined greatness.

    As a former college swimmer and coach, has a natural
    gravitational pull toward water of any kind, which she shares
    with her two grown(ish) sons who also remind her what it’s like
    to be young, inspired and idealistic.

    Her mother’s words of wisdom have become her real life: “Find
    something you love to do and figure out how to get paid to do
    it; the rest will fall into place.”

    As the Recreation Director for the Town of Brookline, MA,
    expertise lies in problem solving, being a “fixer”, unraveling
    organizational knots and finding synergy.

  • Jeff Lakey

    Originally from Iowa and Oregon, Jeff pursues the big picture with a mid-western fervor, always interested in connecting details with context. He loves to work with teams on projects for their spirit and collegiality.

    Likes China, green tea, Alan Watts, maps, taking hikes, touring rivers with a fishing pole, camping on lakes, and any flavor of boating. Definite preference for sailing. Fascinated by esoteric and scholarly trivia about landscapes and culture.

    Brings a rational plus intuitive “design mind” to problem solving.

    Integrating ecology, design, management, and spirituality, he looks at sites and landscapes as systems, including public space infrastructure in cities. Likes to give attention equally to the natural and political networks that influence them.

  • Farrell Buller

    Progressive optimist with a servant’s heart! Grew up in Colorado camping, coaching, playing sports, and exploring the outdoors with family. A natural go-getter who thrives on moving people and organizations forward. Farrell has strong mid-western values and is a firm believer that hard work has it’s rewards. She is also no stranger to being the first mom to check out new playground equipment or volunteer for a community event.

    While it used to about teaching others to play, she now realizes that protecting the great outdoors and it’s natural resources was vitally important for the future of our children and families.

    Balancing intellectual and emotional intelligence make it possible for her to create strong and trusting relationships. These relationships are a key components for helping others create positive change within their organizations. Knows that moving forward is the only direction to go.

  • Patrick Hammer

    Colorado native who has no desire to ski or snowboard. Prefers to spend his time backpacking, mountain biking, watching soccer and coaching his son’s sports teams.

    Problem solver and action oriented by nature, enjoys the challenge of creating systems and processes to achieve goals.

    Not a fan of lazy-thinking or taking “no” for an answer – all things are achievable through intelligent conversation, honesty and compromise.

    Appreciates the opportunity to serve others and improve lives in a meaningful way.

    With a inquisitive mind and a propensity to challenge how things have “always been done”, he digs, pokes and prods to get to the core of issues. This leads to defensible decision making and greater systems thinking.

  • Rochelle Thomas

    A Colorado native at heart and a love of the mountains running through her veins, can often be found there with her dogs, family and friends.

    Has worked in the health care industry for more than 25 years and brings a passion for helping people to the table at each and every turn. She moves people through processes that leverages their strengths and strengthens their weaknesses.

    Believes that life is not about finding yourself, but about creating yourself. Whether teaching a course, leading a workshop, managing a corporate team, or doing one-on-one trainings, her approach is to facilitate movement out of the depths of fuzziness into a clearer understanding.

    Best described as “manifester”- a person who helps move things from imagination to reality.

  • Teri Olander

    As the 8th of 10 children, naturally learned and experienced hard
    work and teamwork at an early age and realized the importance of
    negotiation and communication to make a difference.

    Has more than 30 years of experience leading and managing public,
    private and non-profit organizations, focusing on community
    engagement while achieving sustainability in programs and facilities.

    When not working or spending time with family, jumps at any
    opportunity to get outside…skiing, running, hiking, biking and
    basically enjoying local, state and national parks.

    A highly skilled facilitator of public and stakeholder participation.
    Her charm, wit and ability to put people at ease makes her a master
    at her craft.

  • Alex Dorsam

    Calls the Carolinas home. Grew up exploring the Appalachians and the Charleston coastline.

    Loves to backpack or camp, fish, snowboard and surf. Giant Southeastern sports fan (think Atlanta Braves, Carolina Panthers, and of course the Clemson Tigers).

    Enjoys meeting new people and hearing about how their experiences make them tick. Big fan of embracing and emphasizing uniqueness.

    Always looking for adventures that lead to new experiences and relationships.

    Spent many years working in youth development which is probably why he is ok publicly humiliating himself for a greater good. A learner, listener, and believer that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

  • Lisa Martin

    Native Minnesotan who occasionally says “you betcha” just to remind her of home.

    Vast experiences have fed her passion to protect the environment, to keep her eyes focused on sustainability, and to advocate for taking care of our finite natural resources.

    Values the fact that everyone should have a voice and that everyone should be heard.

    Lisa is dedicated to her hobbies: mountain biking, hiking, organic gardening, saving pollinators, and anything outdoorsy. She is also a professional ski instructor in her free time.

    Believes that every day is a gift and that the world should be free of pesticides!

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