Whether it’s a recreation class, event or activity, or a park shelter rental, the SDscorecard© is an innovative, interactive tool that evaluates the effectiveness of all types of park and recreation services.

The SDscorecard© allows staff at all levels of the organization the ability to evaluate their services quickly and easily, providing them with information they need to make important decisions about how best to provide and price services moving forward.


What you get if you take the leap and adopt the SDscorecard© as your way of doing business:

  1. You learn the true cost to provide each agency service (i.e., programs, rentals)
  2. You get an effective Cost Recovery Model based upon actual cost recovery levels rather than arbitrary benchmarks
  3. You get action-driven strategies resulting from market and competitive analyses that can immediately address financial challenges
  4. You get pricing strategies for each and every service provided by your agency
  5. You get useful data and information to help develop financial management policies