Strategic Thinking & Planning


Our Commitment

While many cookie cutter approaches to strategic planning are built upon assumptions that the qualities and characteristics of all organizations and the communities & customers they serve are the same, we commit ourselves to treating each process uniquely and as an opportunity to position agencies for future success based upon their current condition and realities.

Making a plan

To achieve true transformational change, organizations must have not only a strategic plan, but a plan built on the shoulders of organizational assessment. It is critically important that organization's understand their current conditions including the system's health. If the system is not solid, strong and resilient, it has little chance of implementing or executing any plan of any sort.

Our Approach

We integrate staff and other stakeholders’ perspectives and ideas, an analysis of current realities, and basic business principles in building a pathway to organizational effectiveness. Our job is to enable thinking that causes action, to support creating new contexts in which improved methods and standards are a natural occurrence, and to help in creating a shared future. Our work with client organizations is grounded in the three intended outcomes at right.


Creating a Conscious Awareness of the Conditions That Impact an Organization's State & Culture


Building Capacity


Enhancing Accountability

We are a fully invested and committed partner throughout the process providing coaching, education and expert guidance to support the process and its outputs and outcomes.